We had a second collective meeting with the Ambassadors from six schools. The list of school ambassadors attended is SJA Jeju, NLCS, KIS Jeju, Gyeonggi Academy of Foreign Languages (GAFL), Cheongshim International Academy, and Kyungpook National University High School (KNUHS).

The main agendas of the meeting were,

  1. Development of tool

We tested the 4, 6, and 10 steps with 10 ambassadors, and a week later, we gathered together to discuss what would be the best way to distribute this column system to students. The dominant opinion among ambassadors was that the 10 steps were too detailed and tedious that it might prevent students from using the column system in the first place. As we strive for efficiency, we came up with a solution, First, we will distribute 6 steps to students, then students who find it difficult will be given 10 steps to guide them step by step, and students who find it easy will be given 4 steps.

  1. A venue for community and feedback

I’m building a venue for the community with the IT department. I visualize that such a place can allow students to freely communicate with the ambassadors, give feedback about the skills and share their testimonials with others. We talked about several ways to engage students in the blog and how ambassadors can leave comments on students’ posts to guide them into the right way of utilizing the skills and sharing with peers further.