I met a KNUHS(Kyungpook National University High School) student from a community of IB students. She was eager to get on board and spread these skills with her classmates in school. But her school administrators are not friendly towards any project coming outside of the school. They limit the students’ possibilities and do not even allow them to share good things with each other. So we came up with a solution that we tie this initiative with one of the core components of the IB programm, namely CAS, to ease the process.

One thing I learned during so many negotiations with the school staffs is that a lot of students misunderstand the concept of approval. Yes, it would be nice to get approval from the school administrators and legitimize the initiative. But there’s no restriction over sharing good things with your peers, school teachers, and everyone in your community.

We also discussed the possibility of reaching out to schools located in the same area, DIS(Daegu International School) and DFLHS(Daegu Foreign Language High School). So many possibilities opening up to us.