Many students need better skills to read and write critically. However, they lack a procedure through which they process whatever information they read and they construct their sentences. The worst problem is, most students keep repeating the same grammatical errors and mistakes in writing without realizing it. These problems cannot be addressed unless the students can evaluate the quality and substance of whichever materials they read in the first place. This is why s student from Korea designed her “column system”.

Above is a brief illustration of the column system. The point of this exercise is, the user will be faced with the columns and instructions to work on “defining and describing” what goes through his or her thoughts every second he or she reads the sentences. What they put down in each column is solid evidence of what qualitative thinking they practice.

This method develops students’ paraphrasing skills towards enhancing their writing capability, ultimately elevating the level of their critical reading and writing skills essential for all subject areas. In other words, Impactful English can fundamentally change the level of your understanding of any text.