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Faith: Why?

Column method is new. Its value is novel yet untested. I anticipated at some point, some of the ambassadors will face the wall of ‘rejections’ and wonder if this is worth doing. And just like that, there were text messages piling up on my phone whining about how they lost

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Reflections on Susan's Inactions

I heard from a mutual friend that Susan is working as a varsity golf at her school. She can do anything she wants, but it’s her failure to capture the opportunity to benefit her community that makes her less of what she is. She had the chance to learn

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Teo with a Romanian teacher

Teo was brave enough to change her mind after my words and decided to get on board. A few days later, I had a meeting with Teo and her English teacher at a Romanian local school. We discussed about the effectiveness of the column system and targeting age. This skill

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Meeting with SJA students

I met two SJA(Saint Johns Academy) sophomore students through my friend’s referral. They were more than happy to share the skills within their community. Their school is also very positive about encouraging student-led initiative and bringing new values to the school. But because their ASA(After School Service)

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KNUHS meeting

I met a KNUHS(Kyungpook National University High School) student from a community of IB students. She was eager to get on board and spread these skills with her classmates in school. But her school administrators are not friendly towards any project coming outside of the school. They limit the

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